Saturday, 29 March 2014

Fulfilled Wish

I am currently sitting in temple. Temple of Chilkur Balaji. Those who live in hyderabad must be aware of this place, but let me share something for those who are not known. This place is famous pilgrimage. Its said that one who wish something come here and prays. This wishes gets completed. People believe in this place. Even me and Aditya believe.

We believe strongly in balaji. There is a story behind this belief. There was time in our life when both our parents were against our marraige. There was some issue with our patrika (janm kundali). Aditya was here in Hyderabad and me in Mumbai. When he came to know about balaji he came and prayed for our parents YES, as we both wanted to get married with there permission.

Not sooner but later our wish came true. Since then we were trying to come here to thank god. Today was the day when god called us. We are happy and thankful to him for everything.

Do you have a similar experience to share?

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Gift, Gift & Gift..!!

Recently we celebrated my brother’s birthday. This is second time, in whole of our lives that we are in different cities, during his birthday. I ensured that I wished him first among all. But the question was what to gift him?

Recently when he came here, he wanted to buy a mobile cover with his picture on it, but due lack of time that was not possible. So I thought of gifting him same. I searched a lot on internet. I found some sights, but my bad luck, they were all foreign sites with dollar prices. Then finally me and Aditya decided to get it from the same place where he had seen it.

We went there and asked for the mobile covers. They were ready to give it and I was all happy. I asked them to show me the samples as I had many pictures of bro. Later I came to know that they are only printing picture on a plastic sheet with glue on other side which will be pasted to our mobile cover. Frankly I did not like the idea and when I called my bro to confirm whether he want it or not, he straight said no.

Again gift thingy was on my mind. I was searching on internet for cover and then I found this. They had very nice and bubbly mobile covers. I loved few of them and forwarded links to bro for his final choice. He also loved it at first sight. And finally we ended ordering 2 covers for him.

I am soon planning to buy another one for me & Aditya. 

Friday, 14 February 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day…!!!! Aditya screamed with a gift in his hand.. I did not get why he is wishing me one day before THE day. I asked him what’s in it. He opened and there was a most  awaited Printed leggings.

I was overwhelmed. How did you know? From where you bought it? And then showers of hugs, kisses & ILU’s. 

Yes, I liked it. Infact loved it.

How was your valentine day?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sev Puri Saga

Suddenly yesterday I felt like eating Sev Puri, Mumbai style. It’s not that we don’t get it here in hyd, but taste varies a lot. So I decided to do it at home. I discussed it with Aditya & decided that we will go and buy stuff after office and then prepare it at home.

Only 3 things have to be bought- Puris, Tamrind paste (for mithi chutney) & Sev. Like Mumbai we don’t get puri here in local shops. So went to Ratnadeep Super Market, which is nearby our home. So started shopping with Puri, and then came masala counter in which Aditya took almost 5 masala packets. I don’t even remember the nameJ Than we got what we wanted, tamrind paste and Sev.

Then came chocolate section, as usual we both were tempted and finished buying favorite chocolates. Then we landed in Personal Care from which we took wide tooth comb for my over curly hair, toothbrushes, ear buds (ohh, I cannot believe, I am writing this!!), deodorants, etc. etc. etc. then finally we thought it’s time to move out. Otherwise we spend all money here.

Exit route was through Freeze food section and hubby saw chicken, cheese, mayonnaise, Butter, Meat Kheema, French Fries. Guys believe me we ended up buying all this and finally we stand in queue for billing. And then I saw bread section. I was overwhelmed to see garlic bread, thin pizza crust, Sandwich Bread, Bread Sticks and ended up buying all this.

Finally a big hole in my Pocket L  Thinking that I would have ate million plates of Sev puri not only in Mumbai but also in hyd.

PS: Sev Puri was not finished yesterday, it’s still there J

PS1: It going to taste yummy J

PS2: I am hungry while writing this J

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

First thing First..

Sorry.. I have not updated this space for long time now. I am extremely sorry. I know, giving reasons would be like escaping through. But seriously I was accommodated with few issues in life. Nevertheless, I am Back. I hope now to continue updating this space regularly.

Guys, recently I completed 1 year of marriage. It was unbelievable. I never wanted to end it so soon. And guess what, my family was here for our anniversary celebration. We all had fun. We went to AB’s (Absolute Barbecuing).  It was a fab experience. I and bro just loved it.

We all went to Srisailam on New Year. Mom wanted to begin her year with god blessings. It was nice and cool climate there, but food was all South Indian. Soon we all got bored by that food, and was blessed after finding one north Indian restaurant. Food was good & tasty there.

After that, whole week I had maa ke haath ka khana. It was heaven. After long time I had mom’s special bharli vangi, paav bhaji, bhendi, missal and what not. And after calculating I came to know that in last one year of marriage I have been to mom only for 8 days. That’s so unfair. So this year I have decided to take leave for atleast 15 days and stay long at mom’s place.

And recently I lost one diamond from my engagement ring. L

And I broke my diet plan L

And I broke my resolution for going on walk daily L

And currently I am discussing a colleagues would be marriage budget J

And then I suddenly remember that I am in office J

And I have lot of work J

So bye for now and see ya soon.. J J

Monday, 28 October 2013

Say it as…A Diwali Post..!!

Finally from this weekend we started preparation for Diwali. We are not at Hyd home for Diwali but still wanted our home to look spic and span. Our entire Saturday went dusting, cleaning, etc.. and in evening we went for grocery shopping. I slept like a log- hubby says.

On Sunday we started preparing Diwali delicacies. I had noted down all the recipes from mom, My savior. It was my first time for me to prepare all this, but with mom’s recipes it really became simpler. So, I started with Chakli. I had all ingredients ready and started making dough. Once the dough was ready, hubby’s work started. He started preparing Chakli and I started frying it. I would say, I we  were succeeded. We managed to make good Chakli.

Then I started with making Karanji. It is basically a wrap with coconut filling, deep fried in ghee. It was simple. I have tried it earlier also, so it was not a big deal. Though hubby helped me in this also, I was tired by his time. You know how caring my hubby is…lol

Once we finished doing Karanji, we started for Besan Laddu. It is the most favorite dish of both Hubby and me. I knew how to do it but was feeling lazy by now. But then again took help from hubby in bhunofying it. And tada..!!! Laddu were ready..!!! what a feeling it I have completed climbing a mountain and I am on top of the world. But had no  energy left to shout out, so dinner was outside.

Still 2 more delicacies to go yaar..!! Chivda and Sankarpali. Will do it in a weeks time. Coz after that we are leaving for Mumbai.

Oh god.. can you please pass this 4 days in a flick..??!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

You have placed me in dilemma.

Its not easy to handle life,

Its not easy to express feelings,

Its not easy to convey problems,

Its not easy to pass on thoughts,

Its not easy to devolve my complications,

Its not easy to surrender happiness,

Its not easy to cede everything,

and go..

You have placed me in dilemma.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Birthday & Dasera Party..

First come first.. Aditya’s Birthday Party..

We were confused where to go. We have so many restaurants here, with different kind of tastes.

Birthday Cake
@ 11.30 am we decided we will go to The Village, Inorbit mall. We were willing to go there from many days but couldn’t make it. So first we decided this place.

@ 2.30 pm we decided Rajdhani because my office is in one part of Hyd and his is another and it would be difficult for me to go down there. So we decided Rajdhani, a middle place for both of us.

@5.30 pm rain struck Hyd. As main transport here is road, the traffic was just immovable. Effect was ‘change in venue’ again.

@7.30 pm Aditya still stuck in traffic and me being intelligent didn’t moved from office..hehehe..!! So finally, I mean, finally we decided De Thali. And this was final for two reasons a) it was near to our place and b) Aditya had reached nearby to that place

So basically it was a Rajasthani cuisine restaurant. Taste was awesome. As compared to Mumbai restaurants. In Mumbai there are lots of such restaurants but taste was good here. Here goes the menu

  1. Buttermilk    
  2. Varieties of Bhajji ( corn and moong)
  3. 3 types of Chutneys ( Imli, Pudina, Coconut)
  4. Puri, Pulka, Bhakri( with ghee and Jaggery)
  5. 4 types of Subji ( Paneer, Mix Veg, Palak Dal Batti, Cauliflower
  6. 2 Sweets ( Ras Malai, Choclate Halwa)
  7. 1 sprouts subji
  8. Kadi
  9. Simple Daal
  10. Steamed rice
  11. Biryani
  12. Daal khichadi ( with lots of ghee)

Please don’t ask for pics.. coz as soon as they served we did ‘toot pado’ on it.

Dasera Party J

 I know I am late in posting this, but then too, I will go ahead and do it. So actually it was not party it was get together.  We had invited some of our known families here to our home. We had blast. A couple had two daughters and they were just awesome. I just loved both of them. Guests started arriving from 11.30 am. We did some gupshup. Played with two babies and went to kitchen for pre-lunch preparation. So the menu was

Pic after Dasera Puja
  1. Buttermilk
  2. Kanda Bhajji
  3. Papad, aachar
  4. Raita
  5. Pulkas
  6. Black Vatana Subji
  7. Potato Subji
  8. Steamed rice
  9. Tadka Dal
  10. Kheer

We had lunch. We were dizzy after having heavy food. Guests left @ 4.00pm after some snacks and tea and then I went to snooze land. After getting up we did our first Dasera Puja together. Went to nearby temple and took blessings.

Basically I had fun. It was like dream come true to celebrate festival with Aditya. And not to forget that our guests were also so nice and helping.

What you people did on Dasera??

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Watsapp Gossip…

Three friends (including me) SK, SA & AP are doing time pass on watsapp..  before conversation starts .. here’s some brief about us, 

SK is single yet, SA and AP are married. All of them are BFF from college times.

Here goes the conversation

AP : Hi amigos..happy red day J

SA: Same to you.. Are you fasting??

AP: No yaar.. not possible in this hectic schedule.

SA: must be missing mom na??

AP: a lot yaar.. But I am definitely fasting on last day.

SA: Good.

SK peeps in

SK: only 1st and last day??

AP: yes yaar.. Jamat nahiye.(Not able to handle)

SK: what yaar??.. only two people at your home then too you are saying that.

SA (Teasingly) : Hyanchyakadun Shika ( Learn from her)

SK: really.. I go home, cook for 3 people and wash clothes.. like daily..

AP: SA can you beat that.

SA: you will come to know ones you get married. Its different cooking at mamma’s place & hubby’s place.

SK: Whatever.

AP thought before these gals start fighting again I will ask them what I want to.

AP: Hey guys its Hubby’s birthday tomorrow.. please suggest some gifts for him.

SA: SK is experienced. She will help you

SK: ya ya…you both are useless.

AP: whatever.. just go on..

SA: cake must be on your list..right??

AP: Ya of course. But there should be something special na..!!

SK (an experience ones talk) : Gift him Watch, Wallet, Belt, Cufflinks, Bluetooth and if nothing works.. Lingerie fashion show will definitely help.

SA: AP try last one and share experience.. I will also try, but after you.

AP: Oh god!! You girls are so muchhh… eh??

And finally AP has to decide what to gift..??? Confused.. L